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The only 3-in-1 training spoon that dips, scoops, & soothes.

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Baby-led weaning à la microshaping.

Babies get the hang of "dipping" food, but scooping can be harder to get right. Our spoon makes the dipping-to-scooping transition easier by leveraging a technique known as microshaping. 

The more babies move their wrist, the more they learn that scooping motions are what gives them the biggest reward (e.g., a yummy bite!). Those little rewards are what start to shape the correct scooping behavior. And because our Early Learner Spoon was designed with two sides, it doubles their chances of a successful bite.
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​Created by a behavioral analyst who specializes in helping children transition from one stage of life to the next.


Designed to accommodate less developed lip control common in early childhood.


Designed for easier side-of-bowl scooping.


Encourages your baby to eat independently by doubling the chances of a successful scoop.


Smooth edges are easy on developing teeth and soothes sore gums.


Custom handle is perfect for little hands learning how to hold a utensil. 

Why Tiny Stories?

Expert Designed 

Safety First

We Are With You


Our products are developed with child development experts, targeting the specific needs of babies and children. At Tiny Stories, our in-house behavior analyst designs each product based on modern behavioral research that is proven to work.

Each product is thoroughly tested by independent third parties and is free from BPA, Phthalates, and PVC. Our products are among the highest quality on the market because we use the premium grade platinum silicone.

Our designs are not made to simply dip and scoop food, our designs are meant to solve real parenting problems with tactics that are proven to work in the field.  While we are new here, we are so excited to meet you all and talk babies and healthy mommas and all the things that keep us up at night. Well, as many as we can. :)

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Designed for Utility. 

Bright colors attract babies' attention and encourage them to focus and explore, aiding in their understanding of the world around them, including independent eating. 



At Tiny Stories, we are focused on helping young ones master new skills and transitions with ease. Our thoughtfully engineered products make each step of growth a little smoother for both kids and parents. Our aim is to bring a touch of simplicity and joy to the complex, rewarding task of raising children.

Quotation marks for the quote about Tiny Stories' innovative dual-sided baby spoon that makes self-feeding easier
Quotation marks for the quote about Tiny Stories' innovative dual-sided baby spoon that makes self-feeding easier

My son was nearing 9 months and still throwing every spoon/utensil/whatever we put on his plate.  I tried Goospoon. I tried ezpz. I tried the stuff that matched my kitchen (if it was going to be on the floor it might as well look nice right?) I was gifted "Shpoony" and it was clear we found a winner. Third attempt, he managed to scoop properly. Insane.

-Sarah S.

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PO Box 702 Chardon, OH 44024

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